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Caterpillar 3500 3508 3512 3516 Engines Service Manual

Caterpillar 3500 3508 3512 3516 Engines Service Manual

Cat caterpillar 3500 3508 3512 3516 engines. Service repair operator's manual tm 5-2815-232-14. 660 pages pdf format on cd. (approved for public rleease distribution is unlimited). For use in service manuals. Specs for engine attachments, 3500 industrial. Sn 49y1-up, 95y1-up, 27z1-up, 65z1-up, 68z1-up, 71z1-up. General tightening torque for bolts, nuts, and taperlock studs. Air induction nad exhaust system. Systems operation testing & adjusting, 3500 industrila engines.

Air inlet and exhaust system. Woodward ug8 leevr governor, 3161 governor.

Hydramechanical protective system, 3500 series engine. Disassembly and assembly, 3500 engines. Engine attachments specifications, 3500 series.
Electric protective system for engines with reversal protection. Electric protective system for generator set, industrial & marine. Sn 23z1-up, 24z1-up, 25z1-up, 27z1-up, 65z1-up, 67z1-up. 68z1-up, 70z1-up, 71z1-up, 73z1-up, 49y1-up, 95y1-up. For more detali please see the toc. General tightening torque for bolts, nuts. Torque fro flared and o-ring fittings4. Valve rocker arms, lifters adn bridges 15. Oli filter bypass valve (earlier). Oil filter bypass valev (later). Oil cooler bypass and cooling jet. Connecting rod and main bearing journasl 38. Crankshaft waer sleeves and seals. Upepr front gear group (7n4871).
Systems operation, 3500 industrial engines 61. Air inlet and exhaust system. Cylinder block, ilners and heads. Pistons, rings and connecting rods.
Contatcor switch (water temperature) 90. Leak test for injector tester. Crankshaft positions for fuel timing. Low and high idle speed adjustment. Air inlet and exhasut system. Restriction of air inlet and exhaust. Measurement fo pressure in inlet manifold 133. Visual inspection of the cooling system. Test tools for cooling system. Radiator and cooling system leka tests 143. Test tools fro electrical system. Operation of teh 3161 governor. Speed adjusitng motor governor head. Air feul ratio control troubleshooting. Hydraulic circuits, later with an. Fuel priming pump, fuel transfre pump. Crankshaft front seal and wear sleeve. Crankshaft rear seal and wear sleeve. Rocker shafts and push rods. Fuel filter change indicator group. Engine front support group (wide).
Electric protective system for engines. Step oil pressure, chart c. Oil step calibration, procedure c. Overspeed verify test, procedure d.
Sensor assembly verify, procedure f. On/off time delay (relay), procedure g. Typical junction bxo wiring diagram. Electrical protective systme for generator set.
Engien starts to run no faults. Engine runs at rated speed no faults 522.
Engine shutdown due to fault. Loss of engine oil presusre at engine. Speeds above oil step speed setting 524. Engine shutdown due to fault lwo oil. Pressure at engine speeds below oil.

Shutdown system with 2301 electric. Step oil pressure, chart d. Oil step calibration, proceduer c. Overspeed verify test, procedure d. On/off delay (relay), procedure f.

Typiacl junction box wiring diagram. Operation and maintenance, 3508 industiral engine. Shtuoff and alarm system components. Every 10 service hours or daily. Every 50 sevrice hours or weekly. Every 100 service hours or 2 weeks. Every 250 service hours or monthly.

Every 500 serviec hours or 3 months. Every 1000 service hours or 6 months. Every 2000 serivce hours or 1 year.